About Pamela H. Murdock Inc.




For years Pamela has traveled all over the world for both business and pleasure and along the way she has rented many vacation houses. After more and more friends asked where she thought they’d have fun renting a property and at their encouragement, in 1999 Pamela started doing this professionally. She began working with a friend who specializes in vacation rentals in Italy and France. After a year, she went out on her own starting with wonderful houses in just the Caribbean. Her business grew quickly and soon new listings were added in beautiful spots from San Miguel de Allende to Harbour Island. When her houses are booked or if a client requests a location where she hasn't any properties, for many years she's worked with a few other agencies where she has complete confidence in their high end houses. "I’m only comfortable using them, which I realize limits options, but I won’t take the chance of referring an “unknown ”house."

Additionally she offers clients first class concierge service and can arrange for everything from a car rental to a grand picnic with staff on a remote beach. Pamela’s love of her work is evident in all aspects of the business. As she says, “I’m so lucky to have a job doing something for others that I love doing for myself.”


Pamela H. Murdock Inc.
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