Harbour Island, Bahamas
5 Bedrooms with Bathrooms En Suite (Sleeps 10 max.)
Prices start at $50,050 week

House on a Dune is one of the most extraordinary properties on Harbour Island. Located on 1.5 very private acres, this remarkable oceanfront property is hidden from the road and reached via a 500’ sand driveway that meanders through tropical vegetation culminating in a simple pavilion that sits atop a 35’ high dune. Broad steps lead up to the central space of the house which is essentially an open breezeway, allowing visual and pedestrian connectivity across the site. Within this pavilion space there are the living and dining areas that open onto verandas well protected from the elements by the deep overhangs of the gabled roof. Retractable glass walls can be shut during inclement weather and even the lighting, electrical outlets and air-conditioning are virtually invisible. The rest of the living spaces are simply arranged around the breezeway. Materials have been selected for their distinctive sincerity, environmental sensitivity and a resonance with the vernacular. Steps from the house a short path leads down to the gorgeous pink sand beach.

Designed and owned by an internationally renowned architect whose award winning firm creates contemporary and very cool residential and commercial projects, House on a Dune’s minimalistic design allows it to blend seamlessly into the environment. Describing his ultra chic residence, the owner said it was “conceived as simultaneously powerful, yet comfortable; primitive, yet innovative; casual, yet elegant; raw, yet refined. The result is a sensual and sensitive experience, reduced to its essence through the use of elemental forms and sincere materialism and detailing.” This private residence establishes a delicate, meditative and mediating space that ushers a transition from lush tropic landscape to wide languorous ocean. House on a Dune is a true beach house and one that has raised the architectural bar on this idyllic island.