Friuli Venezia Giulia

Friuli Venezia Giulia is situated in the northeastern corner of Italy on the border with Veneto in an area whose tourist potential is still barely touched. It is also an area known to be second only to Tuscany for production of famous Italian wines. Surrounding Villa Manin are beautiful and fascinating places to visit starting with the nearby village of Clauiano, which has been recently classified as one the 100 most beautiful villages of Italy.

The Collio and Colli Orientali del Friuli districts with their castles, abbeys, famous vineyards and "oenogastronomic" itineraries are 10 kms.; Aquileia with its basilica and famous archaeological sites and Udine, the regional capital with its beautiful historical center are both 15 kms; the Cividale del Friuli, an ancient Lombard town surrounded by the valleys of Natisone is 18 kms.; The Lagoon of Marano with its charming "Casoni" (fishermen's houses) is 20 kms., Grado with its lovely beach and thermal resorts is 25 kms.; Trieste with its scenic coastline is 30 kms.; Lignano with its long beaches and amusements is 40 kms.; The Dolomites of Carnia with its untouched Alpine meadows and peaks is 50 kms. and spectacular Venice is 90 kms. The border with Slovenia is only 18 km. away and the peninsula of Istria in Croatia, with its beautiful coastline is 40 km. away. Type your paragraph here.